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3 Reasons to Stay Local in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has more to offer when you stay in an independent boutique hotel and experience unique adventures like these.

Whether you’re visiting for work, a convention or for a wedding, there is plenty to see and do when you stay local in Las Vegas if the usual slot machines and buffet lines just aren’t for you. From local cuisine to museums and outdoor activities that are guaranteed to dazzle, Las Vegas offers plenty of entertainment even if you’ve never gambled a day in your life.

Leave the Strip behind and spend the day in a museum.

Leave the Strip behind and spend the day in a museum.

We all know of the famous signs and lights from Las Vegas, but what happens to the signs when the hotel turns off the switch? Many historic and vintage Vegas signs can be seen at the Neon Museum, also known as the Neon Boneyard. Guided tours lead guests around iconic signs that once lit up the night for gamblers and partygoers in years gone by. Another way to see the origins of Las Vegas is to visit the Mob Museum. The museum documents the early dealings of the area’s shadier characters, with a collection filled with artifacts, audio taping of interviews with the heads of the organizations. The facility even features a replicated courtroom that held hearings for mobsters, businessmen and politicians. About 30 miles south of Las Vegas, the Hoover Dam is a jaw-dropping piece of civil engineering and created Lake Mead. Walk or drive over the top, or take a tour and learn about the amazing facts this behemoth has earned itself.

Indulge in Sin City’s culinary delights

Indulge in Sin City’s culinary delights

Eat like one of the locals at Eat a breakfast and lunch restaurant favored for making the morning after just a little easier. Located away from the strip and visit the growing, hip downtown Las Vegas, Eat. is a local’s favorite for breakfast and lunch, and is also a wonderful spot for people watching.  Salad, sandwiches, eggs and everything in between will get you ready for another day of adventure. For a more traditional home-cooked meal, check out Chicago Joe’s. It’s good old Italian food done right.

Drive a race car or tractor to delight your inner kid

Drive a race car or tractor to delight your inner kid

If you ever played with toy cars or construction equipment as a kid, Las Vegas has a way for you to relive that experience – with adult-sized fun. At Dig This, you can operate two state-of-the-art heavy equipment vehicles to ride over mounds, dig up holes and live out a lifelong dream. If you’re into something smaller and much faster, head over to Dream Racing for the opportunity to race your friends in vehicles ranging from Ferrari to Lamborghini, Nissan GTR and more.

The next time you have the opportunity to book a boutique hotel in Vegas, remember to look outside the Strip for great food, fun and learning experiences. The gamble might just pay off big.

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