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3 Reasons to Stay Local in Chicago

Chicago has more to offer when you stay in an independent boutique hotel and experience unique adventures like these.

There’s more to the Windy City than just cold winters and deep-dish pizza. The next time you get a chance to stay local in Chicago, here are three ways to see all the Midwest’s largest city has to offer.


Have a laugh at The Second City

Have a laugh at The Second City

A small comedy club opened its doors in Chicago in the winter of 1959. On that day, nobody would have guessed what that small theatre would become. It turned into one of the greatest comedy hubs of all time. If you have ever watched Saturday Night Live, then you have watched a Second City graduate. Names like Mike Meyers, Steve Carell, Chris Farley, Bill Murray, Amy Poehler, and many more have graced the stage of Second City. They have now expanded to Hollywood and Toronto, but Chicago is still the main hub of the comedy icon. With 3 theaters that, Second City performs delight audiences with many different types of comedy with a variety of ticket prices, formats and styles.

Kayak the Chicago River

Kayak the Chicago River

Another great option for the more outdoorsy type of traveller is to spend a day kayaking the Chicago River. Urban Kayak takes you on a guided journey through the city surrounded by towering skyscrapers and unbelievable architecture, and will even let you rent a kayak. They also provide firework-watching tours during the summer, as well as sunset paddles. Along the way, kayak guides teach tour attendees about the city’s rich history and the surrounding architecture.

Enjoy an afternoon on North Avenue Beach

Enjoy an afternoon on North Avenue Beach

North Avenue Beach is a local, young to middle-aged, favorite of native Chicagoans. North Avenue Beach is a great way to spend a cheap summer day. With great food spots and a few bars right around the beach, you could spend your whole day soaking up the sun on the shores of Lake Michigan. With sand volleyball and basketball courts all around, there are activities to keep you and your friends occupied all day. The water is usually pretty chilly, but that doesn’t stop anyone from enjoying the shallow water to play catch or go out in the canoe. When thinking of Chicago, beach is not exactly the first thing to come to mind. But, get a group of friends and walk the lakeshore to this fun beach getaway that is sure to be a good time when the sun is shining.

In addition to Chicago’s famous museums and historic buildings, the city offers great options to see the outdoors and see the country’s upcoming comedy talent. When you book a boutique hotel in Chicago, take the opportunity to enjoy a few attractions you may not have heard of before you arrived.

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