The Traveler’s Tips: Vancouver
The Traveler’s Tips: Vancouver

Andrea Brandle

The Traveler’s Tips: Vancouver

Trip To: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Duration: 1 week

Time of Year: Summer

Best Thing I Ate: Maple Butter. It’s good on toast, waffles, and even by itself! It can be found in just about every souvenir shop. 

Best Daytime Activity: Stanley Park. Think of it as the Central Park in New York City to Vancouver. There is so much that can be explored within the lush park! Take a drive, a walk, or grab some lunch in the park.

Best Night Activity: The Yorktown Neighborhood is the go-to nightlife spot. Start your night off  around 4 or 5 pm to shop around at the local boutiques. Once you succumb to the sensational aroma from the nearby restaurants, pick from the wide variety of food offered along the small streets of Yorktown. Leave some room and energy for the bar scene afterwards!

Stayed At: I loved staying at the Executive Hotel Le Soleil hotel because of its luxurious boutique atmosphere.

Trip Highlight: On my way back from dinner in the Yorktown neighborhood, I took a detour to go down to the Yaletown ferry docks. Taking a spontaneous stroll along the water, and not having a set destination, is a very freeing feeling. Letting the moment take you wherever it wants to go is something that we don’t do enough of during our hectic days. To make my little adventure even more interesting, I ended up finding a raccoon that was stuck on a rock along the bottom of the pier. The ducks swimming in the water then realized a foreign animal was inhabiting their space and soon began the tale of ducks vs. raccoon. (How the poor animal ended up along the bottom of the dock is still a mystery to me.) There were several moments throughout the day where I did not plan what I was going to do next but I just let my adventurous and curious mind take me wandering through small streets and into unique buildings.

Most Inspiring/Captivating Part: The view from Canada Place Pier overlooking the Vancouver Harbour water. The view from across the water is of North Vancouver which makes for a nice contrast of busy city of Vancouver and natural North Vancouver forest. The contrast between the water, city, and mountains is amazing. Standing at the view point for the Lions Gate Bridge is also a must-see. It is located at the north end of the Stanley Park, which a beautiful place to drive through.

Favorite Shopping Spot: Granville Island Public Market is an indoor produce and food market with almost every food imaginable being sold inside. Grab a sweet treat, some locally grown fresh fruit, or some ingredients to make your dinner. Bonus Tip: If your hotel room has a kitchen of any size, save some money by cooking your own dinner! We bought handmade pasta and sauce from a local business within the Granville Island Public Market, and were able to easily have a homemade meal in our hotel room. Outside of the market are more shops, featuring souvenirs and art galleries.

Why Travel Here: Vancouver is a very unique and beautiful city that is surrounded by water and mountains. The contrast of all the different scenery can’t be beat. Each neighborhood and section of the city is not like any of the other, so everywhere you turn is a new adventure!



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