Getting More out of Mendoza, Argentina
Getting More out of Mendoza, Argentina

Lauren Nash

Why Mendoza, AR is one of my favorite places to visit

Mendoza is known worldwide as the ultimate “wine country” and while it does have beautiful sprawling vineyards, it offers so much more than just it’s wine. When visiting Argentina, we were surprised because Mendoza is very different from other popular Argentine cities. It’s city streets are lined with large gorgeous trees; the walkways are very clean and graffiti free. The restaurant selection is diverse and unbeatable. volcan-maipo-970095

With endless activities, we began our trip with a horseback tour of the mountains, and ended with a traditional Argentine “asado”. The tour was magical, we had incredible views of the city, the mountains and the sunset. We also traveled to some thermal hot springs nestled in the mountains just outside of the city. We met some of the kindest people in the country, everyone was very warm, welcoming and inclusive during our trip. Mendoza is somewhat of a melting pot for Argentina and you get to experience many different cultures and customs.  Mendoza should be a must visit on your bucket list with its incredible views of the Andes, endless wine tastings and activities. It quickly became one of our favorite cities in the world. IMG_5615

Getting More out of Mendoza:

Many people get so caught up in the vineyards of Mendoza that they forget about the city itself. Mendoza is a gorgeous city, the streets are lined with beautiful and historic buildings, clean parks and fantastic shops. In order to get the most out of Mendoza make sure that you take a day or two to just enjoy the city. Visit the General San Martin Park and enjoy fantastic views of the mountains. Spend some time shopping in the Peatonal and find local, handmade leather goods. Stroll down Avenida Villanueva to find world class restaurants and bars. Mendoza truly has so much to offer in and around the city. To make sure you get the most of the activities around Mendoza, book tours. Many tours schedule wine tastings at 4-5 of the biggest wineries in Mendoza. Tours also are a great way to learn historical information about the wineries and surrounding areas.


Make sure to put Mendoza, AR on your bucket list, it’s one of the most beautiful and culturally rich cities in the world! 

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