How to Enjoy the Journey, Not Only the Destination
How to Enjoy the Journey, Not Only the Destination

Andrea Brandle

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Ways to Enjoy the Journey of Traveling

What does the saying “enjoy the journey, not the destination” really mean? How could long days at the airport or never ending car rides be as enjoyable as the intended adventure or the destination? Travel days can be stressful, boring, and exhausting. However, traveling doesn’t have to be something to dread. All you need to do is change your perspective on it!  Over the years I have come to actually look forward to 13 hour car rides or a full day spent on the plane almost just as much as the time spent at my destination. Here are three ways to change the way you view traveling.

  1. Make traveling an adventure of its own.

    Enjoying the process to get somewhere makes you more appreciative of the place you are visiting. Let yourself be amazed by the long and winding mountain roads. Let yourself be amazed by the breathtaking views and rising altitude. During flights across the expansive ocean, enjoy the view and take the opportunity to put your view of the world into perspective. Get excited to finally have time to start the book you have been putting off for months, to listen to a new album without interruption, or the best of all, to catch up on your z’s.

    Living in the present and not focusing all your energy on the future will allow you to not dread the taxing journey. This not only relates to traveling, but also to how you go about your everyday life. Always wishing for the future to come sooner will make you forget to enjoy every little moment. You will end up constantly thinking about what will happen next and your time spent at your destination will flash by without even realizing it. Don’t miss out on the little moments that make life amazing.

  2. Find unique stops along the way to break up a long car ride.

    Plan ahead and arrange to spend a couple hours at a unique location or take a short stretch break at a pleasant viewpoint. My go-to pit stop while driving between Arizona and California is Joshua Tree National Park. Spend half a day at Joshua Tree enjoying the amazing views of the vast desert and the rock formations that make you feel like you are on Mars.  For a much quicker 20 minute stretch break, visit a rock yard like T-Rock in Quartzsite, Arizona to look at amazing geodes, rocks, and crystals. No matter where you are driving to, there are always worthwhile places to visit that will add to your overall experience.

    enjoy the journey

    Joshua Tree National Park, California

  3.  Hop out of the car and whip out your camera to take photos of your fellow adventurers & the scenery.

    For extra style points, film a quick video to bring your travels even more to life. Have fun with it and be as silly as you want! You never know what shots you can capture when you don’t limit your creativity.

One of my favorite places to drive through is the Pacific Coast Highway in California. With hours of breath-taking views, you will definitely want to stop for some photos and videos along the way.


“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” -Henry Miller

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