Dining Your Way Through Buenos Aires: A City to Savor
Dining Your Way Through Buenos Aires: A City to Savor

Lauren Nash

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Dining Your Way Through Buenos Aires: A City to Savor

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Food is essential to travel (and to happiness, right?). It creates a unique way to experience local culture and traditions. Buenos Aires is well-known as the steak capital of the world, but don’t let yourself be limited by the title. While it’s steak and wine are slightly life changing, there is much more to the Buenos Aires food scene than meets the eye.

Argentines brilliantly set up their schedule to enjoy not just 3, but 4 meals throughout their day. So there will be no shortage of food on your trip. They typically start the day with a light breakfast, eat a large lunch, then eat a “merienda” (snack) in the evening followed by dinner in the late evening (typically from 9- midnight). Four meals mean more food exploration, so we aren’t complaining.

Dulce de Leche: Envision creamy, sweet, caramel goodness slathered onto everything and anything you can image. That’s Buenos Aires. You will find this regional delight on everything from ice cream, waffles, and crepes to facturas (donut-like pastries) and more.


Melting Pot of Cultural Eats: Recently, Buenos Aires has upped its foodie game. It’s become a melting pot of cultural restaurants and experiences. You’ll find some of the (surprisingly) best Asian food, Indian food, Japanese food, Italian food and more in the city.


Street Food: Argentines excel with their street food. Glorious traditional eats like empanadas, choripan, chorizo and churros line the walkways. Make sure you stop and enjoy some of these traditional quick bites (for only a couple of pesos!).


Traditional Argentine Cuisine: Did you know that Argentina has more cows in the country than people? That says a lot for its infamous steak and wine combo. Buenos Aires portenos take their meat seriously. It’s essential for your foodie experience to sample a steak (or two) and enjoy other Argentine meats during an Asado (barbecue).


Food, in Argentina, is an experience. Restaurants do not rush you, waiters will not usher you out to get another table, food is served slowly, courses have plenty of time in between them, and overall, food is an unforgettable experience.

Buenos Aires should be every foodie’s next destination. If you are looking for a melting pot of European architecture with latin flair, head to Buenos Aires, your stomach will thank you.

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