The Traveler’s Tips: Wells, Maine

The Traveler’s Tips: Wells, Maine

Trip To: Wells, Maine

Location: Maine

Duration: Weekend

Stayed At: Family Beach Town Home

Best Thing I Ate: Lobster Bisque at Fisherman’s Catch Restaurant. (134 Harbor Road) Imagine high quality lobster meat, mixed in perfectly with creamy soup, seasoned vegetables, and flavorful broth. This cute boutique restaurant was just what I was expecting/ hoping for from Wells, Maine. With local culture, a friendly atmosphere, and delicious food, I couldn’t have asked for anything more. 

Best Daytime Activity: Beachfront Badminton. I truly felt like a local as I tried and failed to play badminton. Despite my failing at the sport, just being out in the East Coast sun, with a cute nautical outfit on, holding my badminton racket: I felt like one of the town and I loved it. A great experience for those wanting to try something new. 

Best Night Activity: Sunset walks along the beach. Although the beaches are rockier than the West Coast, they are just as breathtakingly beautiful. The rocky coastline paired with the true blue waters make for unforgettable views. I loved walking along the coast and enjoyed the beauty of the East Coast. 

Trip Highlight: Impromptu photo shoot on the beach. I was in Maine with some close girl friends and as we were walking around the beach we decided to have an impromptu, silly photo shoot. Some of my favorite pictures and memories are from that moment. So don’t forget your camera, you never know when a memory worth capturing will happen! 

Main Collage

Must-Have/Could Not Have Left Home Without: Sunscreen! Even though it doesn’t feel as hot as most West Coast beaches, the sun rays in Maine are more powerful than you think.

Most Inspiring/Captivating Part: The small town vibe that Wells has is extremely captivating.. The people are friendly, the shops and restaurants traditional. You really get an authentic East Coast experience. It’s definitely worth it to take some time to explore the local town and neighborhoods. 

Favorite Shopping Spot/ Souvenir Item: We have a tradition of buying an ornament wherever we travel, so we got the cutest Maine ornament. There are many great boutique shops throughout the town. However, there isn’t one main shopping area because of how small the town is.

Why Travel Here: Wells, Maine is a beautiful beach vacation without the tourist beach crowds. It’s a wonderful and relaxing east coast cultural experience. Maine isn’t a typical travel “hot spot” but it should be. The water is crystal clear and a rich blue. The unique and local wildlife and weather make it such a unique beach experience. If you’re wanting a beach vacation, plan it in Wells, Maine. 

Bonus: If you have an extra day, this is what you should do: definitely do a whale watching boat tour. It’s incredible to see whales up close and there are also beautiful view points of the ocean and coastline.

Wells, Maine


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