5 Tips for First Time Travelers to Dubai

5 Tips for First Time Travelers to Dubai

Dubai is one of our favorite travel destinations globally. We love everything from the culture, and the food, to the mesmerizing city life and architecture. Check out these 5 tips for first-time (or seasoned travelers) to Dubai.


Prepare for the Heat

We aren’t sure if preparing for heat is something anyone can completely accomplish. But be warned, Dubai is hot (and we mean that both literally and figuratively). Because of the heat, the best time to travel to Dubai is during the “winter months” when the temperature averages around 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Weekends are Different

What do you mean “weekends are different”? We mean just that. They are different. Traditional weekends in Dubai operate from Thursday to Saturday rather than the Western Friday to Sunday weekends most travelers are familiar with. Keep this in mind as you plan activities and book hotels.

Dubai is Famous for its Brunches

Typically brunch is held on Friday afternoons in Dubai. You don’t want to miss these extravagant, all you can eat, brunches that the city is famous for. Dubai literally takes brunch to the next level. Many luxury and independent hotels offer exceptional brunches but make sure to venture out and try some local eateries as well. Your stomach will thank you.


The City is Extremely Easy to Navigate

Almost everyone in Dubai speaks English and the city travel systems are very straightforward and easy to use. Also, the city itself is significantly safer and cleaner than many other big city travel destinations that tourists frequent. This makes it the perfect spot for any well-seasoned or new traveler to visit. So don’t hesitate to book your next trip to Dubai.

Prepare to be Culture- Shocked

We mean this in the very best possible way. Experiencing Dubai will open your eyes to beautiful culture and experiences that are hard to find elsewhere. It is historically a Muslim city and religion plays a large part in its culture and history. Prepare by dressing and acting modestly, especially in public places. Courtesy and hospitality are well-emphasized in Dubai so be prepared to become friends with many natives and thoroughly enjoy your time in this culture-rich city.

Experience culture at its finest when you book an IVH independent hotel in Dubai. Your trip will be that much better.

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