Steve Beaumont
Meet boutique hotel owner

Steve Beaumont

Steve Beaumont, Owner of Chateau Avalon

Kansas, USA (66111)

If you’re looking for a cookie-cutter style of accommodations that you’ll never remember when you check out, don’t stay at Chateau Avalon. For everyone else, get ready to meet one of the most unique hotels in the U.S. We promise, you’ll be lucky to find anything that comes close to what this charming hotel in Kansas City provides its guests. Currently a popular romantic destination for the locals, this hotel offers 23 different concept rooms in its 61-room hotel, seemingly transporting its guests out of Kansas and into a whole other world.


What is a concept room, you might ask? Well, that’s where things get interesting.

Having built the property from the ground up 10 years ago, owner Steve Beaumont knew that the concept he had in mind for his hotel wouldn’t “fit the mold,” if you will. I mean, where in the world could he find an existing property that would accommodate a full-size ship with a hotel bed atop it? Or a 3-story room, complete with a spiral staircase? That’s why Steve decided to construct his hotel to meet his exact, and quite specific, needs to bring his dream to life.

“I spent a lot of time on design and didn’t consider the practicality of building some of these extravagant suites,” said Beaumont. “You can’t just open a catalogue and order a life size crocodile or 12′ custom Venetian Columns. Everything had to be hand built and fitted to the suite.”

In this case, his specifics included rooms that could accommodate Easter Island heads for the Tahitian Treehouse Adventure Suite; a full library of books and a secret door in the Buckingham Palace Suite; a 20-foot floor-to-ceiling mural for the Roman Dynasty Suite; a drawbridge and bathtub built into a wooden ship for the Camelot Suite and even jetted tubs with LED colored lights in every room.



“Today, LED lights are becoming the norm but 10 years ago it was unheard of to have lit tubs and even more rare to have them be multi-colored LEDs,” Beaumont said. “My guests were so enthralled by the color LEDs that I even designed them into the Beaumont Fountain out front.”


The inspiration behind these fun rooms was to offer its guests a gateway to exotic, luxurious destinations across the globe, that spanned eras past, without ever leaving Kansas. Dorothy sure could have saved herself a trip!

While concept rooms aren’t exclusive to Chateau Avalon, they have received quite a few comments from guests who seek out concept hotels around the globe who’ve expressed this property is by far their favorite. “A few other hotels do concept rooms, but not many. One couple came in and told me they seek out these concept hotels and they’e been to lots of them and they said the Chateau Avalon was by far the nicest one. It’s done in a classy and luxurious way, not cheesy,” says Laura Van Meter, Director of Marketing and Revenue. In fact, the hotel has won the KC Visitors’ Choice award for Favorite Bed & Breakfast from out of town guests for the last two years running.

Specializing in creating a completely romantic and enticing atmosphere, the hotel offers all of its guests a free, hot breakfast delivered to their rooms each day, luxury linens and mattresses and special romance packages for each night of their stay which include special touches like rose petal turndown service and even 24-karat gold-dipped roses. Because of this attention to detail, the hotel staff has to work together to give each of its guests a memorable experience, whether it’s getting a room set up with a romance package or setting up spa appointments on behalf of their guests.


Steve and his staff is able to offer such an incredible experience because his hotel isn’t associated with any major hotel brand. He’s been contacted in the past by several chains wanting to bring his hotel onboard but decided it wasn’t for him.

“We’ve talked to several brands that have approached us about joining, and many are even boutique hotel brands and we decided not to go that route because they wouldn’t let us keep the uniqueness of our property and we weren’t interested in the requirements that were mandated,” said Laura. “We just don’t fit into the box. We have so many unique aspects of the hotel that we just aren’t willing to give up.”

This area of Kansas City, in the Village West, is known for its charm and quirkiness, making this hotel fit nicely into the area despite its standout character. However, their team has noticed a big shift toward travelers coming from far away places specifically seeking out this unique experience, which a typical branded hotel just can’t offer.

“Guests in town wouldn’t consider going to a regular hotel to get away because it wouldn’t be that exciting, but this is a more memorable and much more romantic experience for the staycationer,” said Laura.

We have a feeling the cat’s now out of the bag for this one-of-a-kind, “locals only” destination. Kansas just got a lot more interesting, didn’t it?

Chateau Avalon


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