Romina Navarro
Meet boutique hotel owner

Romina Navarro

Romina Navarro, Owner of Gran Hotel Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The owners of Gran Hotel Buenos Aires in Buenos Aires, Argentina aren’t just looking to create an amazing one-night stay for their guests from around the world. Under the leadership of Romina Navarro, sales manager of the property, their staff is looking to create an experience so lovely guests return again and again.

“This traditional hotel located in the exclusive area of Plaza San Martin has a local and international prestige,” Navarro said. “That reputation is reflected in the loyalty of travel agents and wholesale operators, embassies, corporations and the general public. We have regular, faithful customers who have referred new guests and who enjoy daily of the renowned reliability of our hotel.”

Navarro and the Gran Hotel staff pride themselves on their experience and the ability to offer guests an exceptional stay. “The hotel’s owners come from families with extensive experience in the hotel market,” Navarro said. “With the location of this property, Gran Hotel Buenos Aires is located in the best area of downtown.”

“What inspires us is the ability to offer a service in which we can make our guests feel at home. What we enjoy most is to give good service and attention to our guests and provide solutions to their concerns,” Navarro explained.

The Gran Hotel Buenos Aires is located in the Plaza San Martin. This neighborhood is known for its fine shopping and dining. Local public transit makes the area easy to navigate, making the location one guests enjoy returning to again and again.

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“We enjoy the challenges of the independent hotel industry,” Navarro said. “Looking towards the future, we see that things are changing day by day. A few years ago online sales did not exist. Now, it is becoming stronger and a key selling tool for reaching new guests and making their stay memorable.” The next time you stay local in Buenos Aires, be sure to see what makes Gran Hotel Buenos Aires so special.

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