Pamela Barnhill
Meet boutique hotel owner

Pamela Barnhill

Pamela Barnhill, Founder of IVH Hotels

Arizona, USA

Pamela Barnhill grew up in the hotel industry, but she never thought she’d follow in the footsteps of her father James Wirth as an independent hotelier.

She began her professional career as a management consultant – putting in time with Motorola Semiconductor, Franchise Finance Corporation of America and PRTM Management Consulting. She was always on the move and eventually learned that living out of a suitcase was not the life for her.

She decided to move home to Arizona, where her family needed help with a hotel project. Today, she serves as President and COO of InnSuites Hospitality Trust overseeing the operations of seven properties across the Southwest. She’s also President and Founder of IVH Hotels.


Although Pam never intended to become a part of the hospitality industry, she always appreciated what made the industry special and unique. Independent hotels allow owners to offer a more unique travel experience and cater directly to guests’ needs.

“Independent hotels are increasingly attractive to many travelers because we have more to offer,” Pam said. “Big brand hotels have such tight restrictions around the guest experience that they aren’t able to grow and evolve outside the box. Independent hotels can offer those very personalized amenities and make a guest’s stay that much more enjoyable.”

Though they’re located in the Southwest, InnSuites properties are built upon Midwestern values. For example, they do not charge for things that Pam and her team believe should be free. All seven InnSuites properties offer complimentary parking, WiFi, hot breakfast, evening social hour, and even long-distance phone calls to Mexico and Canada.

Tucson Pool

Added value is Pam’s call to action. She believes that it’s the little details that keep guests coming back year after year. And its satisfied guests and repeat visits that Pam enjoys most about her second career.

“If I can make their day and their stay better in any way, it’s worth the extra effort,” Pam said.

The next time you’re visiting the Southwest, check out one of Pam’s seven InnSuites properties:

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