Lisa Ros, Ivan Tizianel and Bun Yalin
Meet boutique hotel owner

Lisa Ros, Ivan Tizianel and Bun Yalin

Lisa Ros, Ivan Tizianel, and Bun Yalin, Owners of Pages Siem Reap

Cambodia (Siem Reap 17000)

When Lisa Ros, Ivan Tizianel (pictured above) and Bun Yalin first entered the hospitality business, standing out as different from the corporate chains was a priority. They didn’t want to offer just another hotel room with a bed and shower.

In the town of Siem Reap, a popular Cambodian resort town, they found plenty of ways to create a property with a unique personality and truly be themselves.

Pages it a hotel unlike any other. The facility includes Pages Rooms, which is the hotel itself, and Pages Café and so much more. It’s a great spot for travelers, especially given its proximity to Cambodia’s famous and historic Angkor Temples.

But it’s also a meeting point for locals. Pages Library offers books as well as daily history and English classes for locals and tourists alike. Open Pages is a co-working space with short-term office rentals and Pages Design is an interior design firm where you can actually buy furniture featured in the hotel.

Lisa, Ivan and Bun prides themselves on running a hotel with an eco-friendly mission and a small but efficient staff focused on delivering top-notch customer service. That’s why they pay special attention to every aspect of the guest experience at the property. For example, the café serves the healthiest and tastiest foods possible. With Pages, it’s not just about the room.

Travelers often comment on the hotel’s unique design. The hotel follows a 1960s themes and features unique furniture and architecture. As appearance and aesthetics of a property become more and more important to travelers when searching for a room online, Pages is well-positioned to deliver the goods for guests. And Lisa, Ivan and Bun wouldn’t have it any other way.

You can see the difference yourself! Before your next visit to Cambodia, be sure to check out Pages on

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