Annie and Dave Corredor
Meet boutique hotel owner

Annie and Dave Corredor

Annie and Dave Corredor, Owners of Rip Jack Inn

Playa Grande, Costa Rica

When Annie and Dave Corredor set out on their prolonged honeymoon after getting married in 2002, they never imagined it would lead to a new life in Central America. After their wedding, they packed up all their things and set out on a yearlong journey with their two dogs Rip and Jack.

On a two-month drive, they fell in love with Central America. Eventually, they reached Playa Grande, a beach town in the northern part of Costa Rica. Little did they know it would become their new home.


After working for two years as a property manager in Playa Grande, Dave and his wife set out to find an opportunity to own their own business. They found what they were looking for in a rundown hotel called El Bucanero with eight rooms and a small restaurant.

Today, the RipJack Inn is thriving. They’ve expanded the property to 21 hotel rooms, doubled the size of the restaurant, built an onsite yoga studio, and implemented a nightly Led Zeppelin happy hour where classic rock blasts and free drinks flow.

The restaurant used to be the hotel’s main attraction. Now it’s just one of many reasons to visit. Just 75 yards from the beach, RipJack Inn is a surfer’s and yogi’s paradise.

One thing that really separates RipJack Inn from the cookie-cutter hotel chains is its veteran staff, which is comprised of local area natives plus the couple’s daughter Maggie. Most staff members have been with RipJack for eight years or more and know more about the hotel and the area around it than most people ever could.


Dave and Annie believe that independent hotels are unlike any other. Big hotel chains offer the same look and feel no matter where you are. If you want to truly experience the local area, independent boutiques are the way to go. With independent hotels, you can truly connect with the staff, owners and property, rather than being just another number.

With tourism to Playa Grande growing every year, the RipJack has become a hot spot for a variety of travelers. Whether you want a surfing getaway, a yoga retreat, or a relaxing weekend in a beautiful city, the RipJack Inn is the place for you.


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